The debate on social media today’s Bhojpuri singers should learn from singers like Devi.

Digital Desk : Bhojpuri singers who sing obscene songs for views and popularity should learn from singers like Sharda Sinha, Malini Awasthi and Devi, these female singers increased the respect of Bhojpuri by staying far away from obscenity.

After Padma Shri Sharda Sinha, if any singer has made his mark in Bhojpuri with clean songs in recent times, then he is a goddess. The songs of the goddess are such that you will jump as soon as you hear it, whether it is a devotional song or a film. Perhaps this is the reason that Devi has made a different identity in Bhojpuri cinema.

Bhojpuri cinema’s well-known singer Devi, whose songs are very much liked by the fans. Many of his songs became very popular, which is still liked by his listeners. Bhojpuri language got many talented singers through folk songs, one of them being superstar singer Devi.

Today, when vulgarity has got a big boost in Bhojpuri, people are teaching on social media that today’s new singers should learn from singers like Sharda Sinha, Malini Awasthi, Devi and Kalpana. Even today, in government programs, only these women singers are called by the government.

Many users on social media are advising today’s Bhojpuri singers that to respect Bhojpuri, one should learn from singers like Devi, whose songs have always come clean and people like it a lot.


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