Read in Bhojpuri, Malika’s paati- Jharkhand has now become a lootkhand, the collector’s earning is so much that the note is guineal from the machine!

Malikar got his feet! E ka narata e Malikar. Pandey Baba will tell today that in Jharkhand, Kavano Collector Pooja Singhal Dharail Bari. His house was raided by the ED department of the government. Nine crore cash notes were caught from home. Bessie’s wealth from one and a half hundred crores to paper sheets millal ba. The note was so boring that Maseen went on mangwe for the sake of counting okra. Shortly before, Pandey Baba should be told that the chief ministers of Oija, his family members, brothers, oh Logan’s staff spread, people were able to grab government land. After the investigation was going on, the news came after the note was caught from the collector’s house. Pandey baba ta iho keep telling that abet khaali unhin ka ghar rada paral ba, aisanka egarah jane officer’s name in front in jharkhand ail ba, je illegitimate work kile ba. Oahu people are raided sooner or later.

Sunuvi that Jawan collector’s house raided Paral ba, oo abale jetna mukhmantri bhail ba people in Jharkhand, oh logan ke khas ban jaat rahali ha. MNREGA department, who lost Inar-Pokhara, could not. The scam of 18 crores was going on in Okra, in Oahu, the name of the Collector Madam remained the aisle. Baakir’s Jaane Kawan Chatkalasa his mein ba ke all his se patiya jaala. Oh bera, keep telling them clearly. Abe oo the princes of the mine division bari. Pandey Baba told me that he came as the chief minister from Kirpa of Nahi and shared his family-ear’s mines.

Tamil Nadu’s Jayalalithaa scolded

Hamara Iyad Parela Malikar, a plum mouthpiece in Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa. Not married. In 1996, his house was raided, eight hundred kilograms of sugar, 28 kilograms of gold, seven and a half hundred pairs of shoes and slippers, ten and a half thousand saris, one-and-a-half thousand saris, and forty-one cows were getting colder machines (AC). Oh ghari aapan amma ji you must live. Uha ke e sunni ta humara be asked that oh babu bo, so the gantia oo pahirat ho ho of gahanva. The body should be buried in the cloth. After listening to Amma ji’s talk, we were afraid for a while. Later on Iyad Paral’s gold-chandi tat eh Ghari Jama’s rakha’s faisan would go on. Jekra zari jetna besi paisa hola, oo gold-chani keen’s ashes lay. But we were surprised to know that he was taking one rupee a month on his own. Ego tea le na milt hoi oahu ghari in Etna. Fer etna sampat his zari aisle kiise. Afterwards, all the wealth was lost on earth. For the sake of earning the oppression of the false people, the owner lives for the sake of hi-hi.

Unaccounted notes are also being found in Sukhram’s house

Raur batawal ohi ghari ke ego baat hamara abhiyo iyad ba malkar. Kavano ego mantri rahele sukhram. On the first day of the day, he went on and on. The CBI raids in his house were stunned by seeing the bundle of notes. Kawano Sardarji Joginder Singh Oh Ghari was the Director of CBI. According to the people that they are not seeing the little note in the life. Rakhal Rahali Sun of Gaddi Lukwa of note in the house of worship. After okra, how did he get better? Pandey baba will tell today that later his aason unbearable dhilas left the world in the end. Ihe Hal Nu Lalu Jaado Ke Bhi Ba Malikar. Now Rourey told that because of the fodder scam, he would enjoy the pleasures of the Kawan. He should go to jail in old age. Aisan parle in jail that now the people living on the ground would leave him behind.

Loot and bribery of government money

AK jaisan ba malkar in the hall of government money loot and bribery. Life would be dhara ja taare sun, okni ke tho dosi mana lihte, bakir ke so many aisan bara sun, life abhi le kamri odh ke gheev pyat barde sun. Pandey baba will tell the condition of Bihar. He said that in the fifteen years from 2006 to 2021, from the income of four thousand poor government babu people in Bihar, there was a lot of wealth in Kamila. Kavano work would have been done in Bihar without bribe. With the same earning, all of you filled the house with the sun. Now roja ekni ka dhara taare sun. From constable-daroga to clerk-princely le Jawan Dharale Sun, did not catch wealth less than crores of rupees from Okni’s house.

Rajiv Gandhi said – 85 in a hundred disappeared

We felt bitter that the people of our people had seen the way out of Latia with the help of Japat’s wish. Let’s look at something new from empty case Kaila. The case-litigation went on for many years. Distribute e-banar accounts of government money, tare sun. Pandey told me that when Sonia Gandhi’s wife Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister, it was said that if the government sends one rupee from above for the public, then it disappeared in eighty-eight paisa rahe. Ekniye aisan officer nu loot lele sun Malikar. In Bihar, now even the chief people would get salary from the government. Oahu people’s disturbances Dharail Ba, Bakir Abe Le Khali Du Go Ke Sajay Bhail Ba. In fifteen years, 213 chieftains were booked for money laundering. Ekbal Oriel goes to Oriel with a delay in punishment.

Harvesting has happened, the taste of potatoes has changed.

With the ashirwad of deh baba, we have become good and healthy. Gohrailee from Kali Mai that Ruro was fine. Katni-Danwari samper Gill Malikar. Aloo Koda’s house has come. There is a loss in Ason Potato. Fourteen rupiah kilos of beya keen’s ropewale rahni lalka aloo. Bepari 6 rupiah kg to besi dame naikan sun lagavat. Now the loss of agriculture is saddened. Ek ta jana-majura naikhan mill. By increasing the rate, the work would have gone out, but seeing the difference in the cost and inflow, now he was thinking of getting farming done. You care Rakheb.

Raur, Malikaine

(Omprakash Ashk is an independent journalist. The views expressed in the article are his personal.)

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