Bhojpuri: The magic of these heroines of Salman Khan did not work in Bhojpuri, one again made a comeback in Hindi films

Many actresses who made their debut in Hindi cinema with ‘Dabangg’ actor Salman Khan’s film have also worked in Bhojpuri cinema. But even here the magic of his acting did not work. Among them, many actresses have completely disappeared from Hindi cinema, while some are visible somewhere. One of them has recently returned to Hindi cinema on the big screen again. Let us tell you about these heroines who were hit with Salman Khan, whose charisma did not work in Bhojpuri cinema even after all the hue and cry.


Actress Nagma, who debuted in 1990 with Salman Khan in the film ‘Baaghi’, made her debut in Bhojpuri cinema with the Bhojpuri film ‘Dulha Millal Dildar’ opposite Ravi Kishan. When this film was a hit, Nagma worked with Ravi Kishan in films like ‘Pandit Ji Bailey Na Biyah Kab Hoi’, ‘Ganga’, ‘Janam Janam Ka Saath Ba’, ‘Ab Ta Ban Ja Sajanwa Hamar’. Significantly, the film ‘Ab Ta Ban Ja Sajanwa Hamar’ was produced by Saira Banu. The film proved to be the biggest flop of that time. Nagma not only worked with Ravi Kishan but also with Manoj Tiwari in films like ‘Hanuman Bhakt Havaldar’, ‘Thela No. 501’, ‘Raja Thakur’. Raja Thakur was produced by Tinu Verma, a well-known action master of Hindi films. Shatrughan Sinha also acted in this film. Today Nagma is fully active in acting and away politics.


Actress Bhagyashree, who debuted with Salman Khan in ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’, has also worked in many Bhojpuri films. Bhagyashree, who made her debut in Bhojpuri cinema with Manoj Tiwari in Bhojpuri film ‘Deva’, has worked with Manoj Tiwari in ‘Janam Janam Ka Saath’ and ‘Ego Chumma De The Raja Ji’. Apart from Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishan has also worked in these films. While shooting for ‘Deva’ and ‘Janam Janam Ka Saath’, Bhagyashree felt that Bhojpuri cinema has a lot of scope. Due to this greed, Bhagyashree made her husband Himalaya Dasani the producer of ‘Ego Chumma De The Raja Ji’. After the release, the film was so devastated at the box office that Bhagyashree never looked back to Bhojpuri cinema.

Bhumika Chawla

Actress Bhumika Chawla, who made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘Tere Naam’ opposite Salman Khan, has also worked with Manoj Tiwari in the Bhojpuri film ‘Gangotri’. The film was produced by Amitabh Bachchan’s make-up man Deepak Sawant. In which Amitabh Bachchan also worked. The film did not work despite the presence of Amitabh Bachchan. Even before this, Deepak Sawant had made ‘Ganga’ in Bhojpuri with Amitabh Bachchan in which Ravi Kishan, Nagma and Manoj Tiwari worked. The film was a partial success. ‘Gangotri’ role was Chawla’s first and last Bhojpuri film. He made a comeback in Hindi cinema with the recently released producer Neeraj Pandey’s film ‘Operation Romeo’.


Rambha, who has done films like ‘Judwaa’ and ‘Bandhan’ with Salman Khan, has also worked in Bhojpuri films. She has done Bhojpuri films like ‘Banke Bihari MLA’, ‘Ram Balram’ and ‘Rasik Balma’ with Ravi Kishan. In those days, this trend had started in Bhojpuri that Bhojpuri films should be made about the marginalized actresses in Hindi films. The producers used to think that the audience would come to the cinema hall in the name of the heroine of the Hindi film. Secondly, when a Hindi film heroine used to come to Bhojpuri, ‘breaking news’ was also made. But, soon the audience understood this trick and gradually this trend ended due to continuous flops of these heroines.


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