Bhojpuri Industry: Ravi kishan khesari lal pawan singh Anara gupta and others popular Bhojpuri stars Controversies

Bhojpuri Stars Controversy

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  • The names of famous Bhojpuri stars have been associated with big controversies.

  • Anara Gupta is implicated in CD scandal and cheating

  • Many Bhojpuri stars remain in the limelight due to controversies

Controversies Of Bhojpuri Industry Stars: Like Bollywood and South films, there are many regional film industries in India, of which Bhojpuri industry is one. These days Bhojpuri cinema is being discussed all over the country and the reason for this is the actors of Bhojpuri industry. The actors of Bhojpuri cinema are waving their skills across the country along with their acting and singing. Some of these actors even joined politics along with films. But Bhojpuri stars remain in the discussion not only about their work but also about controversies. The names of many actors and actresses are involved in the big controversies related to Bhojpuri industry. Some of these stars were badly hit, while some had to eat the air of lock-up. Know which stars are involved in these big controversies related to Bhojpuri industry.

Ravi Kishan

Ravi Kishan is a famous name not only in Bhojpuri but also in the film world. He gained recognition in Bhojpuri and Bollywood with his acting and singing. Ravi Kishan is also active in politics and is currently a Member of Parliament from the Bharatiya Janata Party. Ravi Kishan’s name is also included in the list of Bhojpuri stars trapped in controversies. Some time ago there was an uproar over Ravi Kishan’s statement on corona virus. In fact, actor and MP Ravi Kishan had said in his statement in the Lok Sabha that Kumbh Mela should not be held responsible for the spread of corona virus. After his statement, people criticized him fiercely.

Khesari Lal Yadav

Bhojpuri superstar Khesari Lal Yadav is also not spared from controversies. Khesari has been in controversies regarding his song and for this an FIR has also been registered against him. At the same time, Khesari had to go to jail for another dispute. Actually, some time ago Khesari sang a song, whose name was ‘Auntie Ke Bachi Sapanwa Mein Aati Hai’. Khesari’s trouble increased only after the release of this song. A person named Surjit Singh lodged an FIR against Khesari in Mumbai. The man accused Khesari of insulting women. After this Khesari also sang a song on Sania Mirza, for which he had to go to jail.

Pawan Singh

Powerstar Pawan Singh of Bhojpuri cinema often remains in the discussion about his personal life. These days Pawan has been in limelight for the news of divorce from second wife Jyoti Singh. Earlier, Pawan Singh was also in discussion at the time of the suicide of his first wife Neelam. But no statement came from Pawan’s side regarding this. But Pawan’s dispute with actress Akshara Singh is such a dispute in the Bhojpuri industry that gets fresh from time to time. Actually Pawan and Akshara were dating each other. But suddenly Pawan got married and their relationship broke up. After this, Akshara filed a case accusing Pawan of drinking and assaulting him and threatening to end his career.

Anara Gupta

Bhojpuri actress Anara Gupta remains in a lot of discussion about her boldness. Anara’s personal life was also surrounded by many controversies. Anara Gupta’s CD scandal surfaced in 2004. As soon as Anara’s objectionable CD came in the market, she became embroiled in discussion and controversies. After this, Anara Gupta was also accused of cheating of Rs 200 crore. Five people were accused of cheating, including Anara’s name. A film has also been made on the controversies related to Anara’s life, whose name is ‘Miss Anara’.

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