Bhojpuri Cinema: list of Bhojpuri film industry most famous villains

Bhojpuri Villains

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  • These actors made a mark in the industry with a negative character

  • Even the villains of Bollywood fade in front of the villains of Bhojpuri.

  • These villains are more famous than Bhojpuri actors

List Of Bhojpuri Cinema famous Villains: Who does not like to watch Bhojpuri movies. Like Bollywood, the actors and films of other regional film industries are famous across the country. One of them is Bhojpuri film industry. Due to the artists of Bhojpuri industry, today Bhojpuri cinema lovers are famous not only in Bhojpuri region but across the country. If you also like Bhojpuri films, then you will know about many heroes and heroines of Bhojpuri film. But in this article we will tell you about the dreaded villains of Bhojpuri films. These villains are known for their strong acting and negative roles in Bhojpuri films. Many actors in Bollywood like Amrish Puri, Sunil Grover, Danny, Prem Chopra and Amjad Khan are famous for their negative roles in films. Similarly, in the Bhojpuri film world, many stars have gained worldwide recognition for their villainy. So let’s know about the famous villain of Bhojpuri.

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Awadhesh Mishra

Awadhesh Mishra’s name is included first in this list to play the villain. Because he gained special recognition in Bhojpuri cinema with his strong negative role. In many films, the actors also faded in front of Awadhesh Mishra’s acting. However, for a few years now, Awadhesh Mishra is also seen in films of family and hero characters. In Awadhesh Mishra’s upcoming film ‘Babul’, he is going to be seen in the role of father of two daughters. Awadhesh Mishra has also directed this film.

ayaz khan

Ayaz Khan is very much liked in the role of Villain in Bhojpuri films. Ayaz is the youngest villain artist of Bhojpuri. Apart from this, he is also a body builder. According to his look and performance, the villain’s role fits well on him. The special thing about Ayaz Khan is that he is a good looking villain with good acting in Bhojpuri.

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Sushil Singh

Sushil Singh is called the most popular villain of Bhojpuri industry. Sushil ji played the role of villain in not one but many superhit Bhojpuri films. His villainy on screen is well-liked.

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Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay Pandey’s negative role was well-liked in superhit films like Nirahua Hindustani and Border. Sanjay Pandey made a mark in the Bhojpuri industry with the character of Villain. Every audience who likes Bhojpuri films definitely knows Sanjay Pandey.

Umesh Singh

Umesh Singh’s name is also included in the list of villains of Bhojpuri films. Umesh Singh became very popular with his scary character and today he is not interested in any identity.

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